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Say Goodbye To Painful Stirring
Effortlessly Stir Any Drink, Pain Free!
Designed for Arthritis & Wrist Pain Relief
Annoying Powder Clumps Gone In Seconds
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The Perfect Stir In Seconds
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Protect Your Wrists
Stirring a spoon in a cup may seem effortless for some, but for those suffering with Arthiritis or similar diseases, making a cup of tea can be very painful. Make drinks effortlessly and pain-free with the Easy Stir!
The Perfect Drink In Seconds
No sticky sludge of half dissolved powder at the bottom, the powerful motor rapidly stirs the drink creating a whirlpool for you to gaze at in amazement.
Easy To Clean
The Magnetic Stirring Pill easily comes off, making cleaning the mug as easy as making a drink with it. More time for you to make another drink!
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Easy-Stir Cup

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An Absolute Gamechanger
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Why You Should Say No To Spoons
Spoons are tiresome to carry around and finding a clean spoon when you are on the move is often a lot longer than it looks. With the Easy Stir you can put your feet up, take a deep breath and relax. Once you've used it we're guaranteed you won't want to use another spoon again.
The Easy Stir
Effective Relief Against Wrist Pain Caused By Stirring
Designed for those with Arthiritis & Parkinsons
Effortless - As Easy As Pressing A Button!
Perfect Gift for Anyone
Take With You Anywhere
Normal, Boring Mugs
Require Physical Effort & Finding a Spoon
Painful for those with Parkinson's & Arthritis 
Fragile & Often Smash when Dropped
Unable to Take Anywhere
No One Wants A Boring Mug As A Present!
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Have any questions? Here's the most common ones we get asked
How do i use it?
The Easy Stir Mug works in 3 simple steps:

1.Boil a pan of water
2. Pour hot water into the cup then add any powder/ coffee you would like to stir
3. Press and hold the button on the handle to start stirring, it should stop stirring after 5-10 seconds.
Now enjoy your delicious drink!
Is it dishwasher safe?
We do not recommend putting the Easy Stir Mug into the dishwasher as this may damage it and cause water to enter the electrical wiring.
How do i clean it?
We recommend removing the magnetic stirrer first by gently pulling, before washing the inside of the cup with water and your favourite washing up liquid.
Take care to make sure the exterior does not get wet, make sure to dry it quickly with a dry cloth if it does get wet.
Is the magnetic stirrer not dangerous as you can swallow it?
The magnetic stirrer stays firmly in place once it touches the metal surface at the bottom of the cup. There is no need to worry as it was designed to stay secure whilst stirring the drink.
Does it need batteries?
Yes, the Easy Stir Cup requires 2x AAA size batteries to work. 
Simply remove the cover at the bottom of the cup and insert the batteries.
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