Mini-Mocha - Mini Coffee Machine


Barista Style Coffee At Your Fingertips!

Save Time & Money
Fresh Coffee in Less Than 60 Seconds
Designed for Travelling
The Perfect Gift for a Coffee Lover
Made from Recycled Materials
How it Works
Grind Your Favourite Coffee Beans
Fill with Hot Water & Pump
Enjoy Coffee On-the-Go Anywhere, Anytime!
Never Run Out of Time Again
With the Mini-Mocha, theres always time for a cup of Coffee.
Awaken The Inner Adventurer
Made to fit into any bag or pocket. Less things to carry so you have more time on your next adventure!
So Good You Won't Believe It!
Pumping the coffee manually makes sure every cup tastes mouth-wateringly good with amazing crema.
Freedom Tastes Amazing
The world is your oyster, and with the Mini-Mocha experience the excitement of a delicious coffee whenever you want & wherever you are!
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Why Choose Us?
The majority of coffee machines require regular cleaning for the best tasting coffee, most machines are not cleaned regularly meaning most regular coffee machines make stale coffee that no one wants to drink. The manual coffee pump in the Mini-Mocha means every cup tastes delcious!
Deliciously Good Coffee
Travel Size - Carry it ANYWHERE
No Batteries Required
Manual Pump - Gives Smoother Taste
Coffee Shop Quality at Fraction of Price
Regular Coffee Machines
Unreliable Coffee Quality
Large & Bulky Design
Requires Electricity
Difficult to Use
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Irresistiblely Smooth
Put your feet up and enjoy the aromatic blend of smooth and strong espresso, made faster than you can say cappuccino!
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Don't Take Our Word For It!
Heres what our customers thought...
Customer Avatar
“Perfect for camping”
"Its crazy how much time this has saved me. I'm always travelling to somewhere new and this has made having a quick coffee so easy”
Sam Cooper
Somerset, UK
Customer Avatar
"Suprisingly excellent crema"
“My coffee machine is broken so instead of paying $100 for a new espresso machine i bought this. For half the price this makes better tasting coffee than any machine i've ever had"
Adrian Santos
Toronto, Canada
Customer Avatar
“OMG, where has this been all my life 😍”
“In the mornings i rarely have time to make a coffee so i usually load this with hot water and have a cup in my car before work”
Alisha Sheikh
Illinois, USA
Customer Avatar
"Great for offices with no coffee machine”
I rarely write reviews, I’m rarely inspired enough. However i love this. It gets used almost daily. I’ve had it for a fair few months and it’s not let me down.I bought a new one as I always forget to take the work one home when I want coffee on the go else where. 

Only time will tell if it continues to be perfect, but so far… cant recommend enough.
Tom Jackson
Manchester, United Kingdom
Customer Avatar
"Better tatse than my coffee machine”
"I got my machine as a present last christmas, it normally costs $300 but the coffee does not taste nice at all. This little thing packs a punch, i don't know what it is but the coffee tastes way nicer. I've stopped used my machine and use this everyday now"
Allison Gibbs
Chicago, USA
The Cure to Cr*p Coffee
Level up your coffee game and treat yourself to mouth wateringly good hand pumped coffee.
30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
Secure Tracked Shipping
Trusted Payment Providers
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Heres our most asked questions.
How do i use it?
Using the Mini-Mocha is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Fill with Coffee & pack it down tight
2. Add hot water to the compartment
3. Pump & enjoy a cup of delicious goodness

Note: Pump once with hot water before first using it to prime the Mini-Mocha.
What materials is it made out of?
The Mini-Mocha is made out of food grade PP & Stainless Steel. All our materials are recycled as we believe in sustainability and preserving nature
Do i need to do anything before i use it?
Yes - we recommend filling it with hot water then pumping the water through the bottle to prime the Mini-Mocha before you first use it.
After this has been done its all good to go.
Why would i choose this over a regular coffee machine?
Space. Time. Convenience.
Theres no denying that coffee machines produce good coffee at times, but they're really big and you are limited as to where you can use them. The Mini Mocha on the other hand is portable and allows you to enjoy a delicious coffee anywhere and at anytime!
Is there a refund policy?
Yes - We have a 30 day returns policy. Please click the link in the footer below to find out more about how this works.